Friday, February 10, 2012

Waiting for labour! Excited!!!

My baby girl is already 37 weeks +...
Doctor say if no bloody show, amniotic sac doesn't break until next week, then baby girl will most probably be born on end of this month, that means about the due date, neither earlier nor later.

Seriously, I'm both excited and scare... Even normal delivery also very pain ( what i heard from the others) leh!!
I'm not sure whether I can tahan for 6 hours and above de labour pain. OMGGG!!!
Hope when the time come I'll know it is true labour pain not false labour pain~~~

Can u see baby's feet, eyes, hand, nose and mouth?
She was sleeping at that time. Yawning during the 4D Scan! =D
Can't wait to see her soon !!! <3


  1. tahan the pain.. u can de~~!! jia you~~

    i saw her~~ =D